This is a motto I’ve come to live by. Yes, I like a lovely dry red or a minerally refreshing white. And there are wines that definitely make some foods taste better (and worse). A wine that’s almost universally wonderful, though, is sparkling wine. In France, Champagne. In Spain, Cava. In Italy, Prosecco. In the US, Blanc de Blanc. We get introduced to sparkling wine at especially celebratory occasions like weddings and graduations or holidays like Christmas and, of course, New Year’s. Sparkling wine has an association of “special” built in. So why not drink it more often? Want to feel good at the end of a long week? Bubbly! Want to celebrate a promotion or a move or bringing your dog home from the vet? Bubbly! Date night? Bubbly, for sure! It’s great on its own, and it really does pair well with almost anything – cheeses, fish, salads, soups, roasts, pizza, popcorn, chicken anything, and all desserts. You can dress it up by adding fresh fruit to the glass. You can make a delicious cocktail by adding a dash of fruit liqueur, like black currant or cherry. You can make mimosas with almost any kind of fresh fruit juice. Sparkling wine isn’t just a Wine of the Week – it’s a Wine for a Lifetime. An especially good one is Hudson-Chatham’s Blanc de Blanc. Celebrate!