Dear artists,

Red Horse Rescue in Amenia, NY is presenting an art show “The Webster Diaries” with submissions featuring Webster, our white donkey, as the subject. Webster is nearly 50 years old and rules Windrock Farm located on Bangall Amenia Road in Millbrook, New York. Webby is often considered the angel of the farm, always offering comfort and a sense of humor in any situation. His wisdom is felt by all who visit.

“The Webster Diaries” will offer an art show and be sold in a silent auction to benefit Red Horse Rescue which is based at Windrock Farm. We are hosting Strut Your Mutt Charity Dog Show to benefit Red Horse Rescue on June 11, at 11am. In addition to the silent auction, this fun day will offer classes in agility, obedience, best eyes, best booty, best costume, best human/dog look alike, best trick, best tail wag, best junior handler, best veteran and Best in Show. There will be a BBQ offering hot dogs, hamburgers, shrimp kabobs, a bake sale, raffle and fun games for all.

Webster would be honored to be the subject of your art for the silent auction. Please send your submissions to ( by May 15 so that we can go live with the silent auction on June 1.

There are many images of Webster on the insta page @cariswanson17, or you are welcome to visit the farm to meet Webster anytime. You can also read the “interview” with Webster below!

We hope you will participate in The Webster Diaries.

Thank you!

Interview with Webster aka “Webby” the infamous Red Horse Rescue farm donkey:

Can you tell us about your life on the farm?
I am the angel ambassador of the farm. I greet all the guests and make sure everyone feels welcome. Cari’s mom rescued me and I lived with her in Ohio for 15 years before I came to this farm in 1995. I don’t know how old I am because I don’t have papers but Cari says she thinks I’m almost 50 years old. 

What are your favorite foods?
I offer hugs in exchange for apples. Apples and carrots are my favorite food. Now that I’m older it’s hard for me to eat carrots but I’ll always take an apple. I also like to steal the horses’ grain before they get to their stalls. 

Who are your best friends?
I really enjoy hanging out with Shackleton. Shackleton is an American guinea hog. She is her own person and she is very special. She gets a special hut in the chicken shed away from the other pigs. She also has a very good sense of humor. The 25 chickens and 3 roosters annoy me most of the time. I love to play with the dogs. I have 5 Icelandic sheepdogs that I am in charge of. 

How do you spend your days?
During the summer kids come here for camp and I teach them how to be around the horses. For many years students came from all over the world to learn how to work with horses. I have friends in Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France and Germany, and they all stay in touch with me. Because of my age and wisdom I am free to roam around wherever I want. I like to visit the two donkeys that live next door. 

What kinds of things do you like to do?
I act like I don’t want to go in the house but once I get in there I love the attention because I know I’m very special and I get extra apples. There is even a portrait of me on the refrigerator. I also love being groomed, I always want to look my best. 

What is your most important job on the farm?
I am very tolerant and intuitive and I know when people need a hug so I’ll gently push them from behind. I’m very stealth and I will quietly come around the corner of the barn if they need to be healed. I love to make people laugh. I’m an old soul so I’ve seen it all. 

How did you feel about being chosen as the focus of the art show?
I love to be the center of attention. Everyone wants to take my picture because I am very good looking and friendly, and I am happy to oblige.