Founded in 1871, Dutchess County SPCA is one of the oldest SPCAs in the country. This shelter is no-kill shelter now and always. Dutchess County SPCA is not a governmental agency, nor is it affiliated with the ASPCA. It is an independent charity, funded almost entirely by private donations.

636 Violet Avenue
Hyde Park, NY 12538

Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm – 5pm
Monday: Closed

Contact & more info
(845) 452-7722, ext. 420


Cassie is a delightful 2-year-old tortoiseshell cat with an endearing personality and a heart full of love, Cassie is the perfect feline companion for anyone seeking a cuddle buddy and a purr machine.

From the moment you lay eyes on Cassie, you’ll be captivated by her stunning tortoiseshell coat, adorned with patches of rich chocolate, warm amber, and vibrant ginger. Her coat’s unique patterns perfectly mirror her individuality and charm. But it’s not just her appearance that makes Cassie special; her loving nature truly sets her apart.

Cassie is an expert at turning even the toughest of hearts into mush with her gentle purrs and affectionate demeanor. She has an insatiable love for cuddles and is always ready to curl up in your lap, nestled comfortably against you. When you stroke her soft fur, you’ll feel her joy as she purrs contentedly, letting you know that you are her favorite person in the world.

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