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Cat Days Of Summer…Or?

By Published On: August 2nd, 2023

Purrdon me fur the stink eye, but I have a good reason fur it. I have a bit of a bone to pick with my K-9 furriends (pun intended). I’m sure you’ve heard about the “dog days of summer”. But what does that even mean? According to Google the ‘dog days’ are considered to be the hottest and most unbearable days of the season, which are furrom July 3rd to August 11th each year. That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the cat days summer…or any season fur that matter?

That’s right. I’m putting on my most handsome pants and putting my paw down; officially purroposing the cat days of summer become a thing. It sounds like the dogs are just complaining about the heat so why not let the us cats solve the purroblem. The Google description fur these days would say ‘cat days’ are fur cool cats and feline lovers alike chilling in furront of the A/C on a hot summer day.

No? Lets try the cat days of fall, which would happen between September 23rd – December 20th. I have the purrfect Google description for this one! “Stop being a scaredy cat and support our fellow black cat furriends” Black cats get such a bad rap this time of year which is uncalled fur. I support equal cat rights.

Let’s jump to winter. The one will have a slogan. “Do you want to build a snowcat?” Just kitten! Snowmen are a classic fur winter time. Besides, Santa Paws and his reindeer might think something sketchy is going on if they see a snowcat outside.

Spurringing ahead, “Spurring showers bring furresh catnip and flowers.” My feline furriends know what I’m talking bout – nothing like furresh catnip furrom the garden.

To conclude this week’s post, I would greatly appurreciate  it if you would please sign my “cat days” petition (leave a comment to this posts). Oh, and please do me a favofurr and  share a picture of your purrecious felines! These photos will also be part of next week’s special post fur International Cat Day. Thank you fur your support!