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Cat purroofing your Christmas Tree

By Published On: December 8th, 2021

Not to brag or anything, but evfurr since I was a kitten, I’ve never attempted more than just nibble the Christmas tree when after it’s been initially being set up, (you know, just to make sure its not some sort of treat in disguise). And I swear on my favfurrite turkey snack, I’ve never laid a paw on a single ornament.

Now I’m sure you’ve seen cat Christmas meme’s flooding your Facebook feed insinuating we are all on the naughty list, and I understand not all cats are angels at the top of the tree, so here are a few tips to help purrevent your tree furrom “fainting” when your not home, but your cat is…

Felines don’t typically like citrus scents so you could try whipping up a homemade spray to mist your artificial tree with. Try decorating with pinecones – not many kitties like the feeling of them on their toe beans. Apparently, cats don’t like tin foil either, so you could wrap your tree trunk with it. But I must admit, speaking furrom purrsonal experience, tin foil doesn’t phase me, so good luck with that myth. Of course, there is nothing wrong with clapping your hands, or using a good ole fashion water bottle with a quick spray to show your feline you mean business.

When decking your halls (with what your cat may think are catnip mousies), remempurr some of your favfurrite decorations could be dangerous to your four-legged furriend. For example, please avoid decorating with tinsel and edible ornaments such as popcorn. They can cause bowel obstruction or blockage. In the words of my little sister, “That would be terrible!” I would also highly recommend securing your Christmas tree and if need be, wiring your ornaments to the tree.

Just please have patience with us. We are just as excited fur the pawlidays as you are!