Here comes Peter Cork-in-Tail! It’s Easter this weekend and thank goodness it doesn’t look like another wacky winter storm will be impacting our area. With pastels in full bloom and a feast of (typically) ham or lamb on the table, a wine that can make everyone happy is a fresh and beautiful rose. I asked Peter Cork-in-Tail about this, and we’re in cahoots: open a bottle or two or more of the Chateau Miraval Cotes de Provence Rose. You may have heard about this wine, as it was originally a collaboration between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It’s now jointly owned by Pitt and the Stoli group (of vodka fame), and it’s produced by the Perrin family, producers of exceptional French wines. This one has earned its fine reviews, including 92 points from Wine Enthusiast magazine. It’s crisp and clean, elegant, balanced, with enticing and delightful red fruit notes on the front with citrus and raspberry notes lingering through the finish. It pairs well with all kinds of foods because it tastes so good. Hop on down to your local wine store and stock up. Happy Easter and happy weekend!