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By Published On: April 18th, 2023

Let’s just cut right to the chase this week. Even though I’m feeling absolutely fine, paranoid Mom insisted on keeping my check-up appointment fur my hypothyroidism this past Furrsday. Ellie was off furrom school last week so she helped Mom bring me to the dreaded four-letter word place (the vets). Usually I get to ride shot-gun but Ellie insisted I sit in the back seat next to her. Ellie was very concerned about my car riding meows – she’s nevfurr heard them before. “It’s okay Otis Joe, me and Mommy are right here buddy. Take a deep breath. You’re doing a good job, handsome pants,” she told me as she clenched the handles to my carrier so I wouldn’t slide across the back seat.

I’ve gained a total of three-quarters of a pound since my last visit in January, bringing me up to a whopping thirteen pounds. Doc doesn’t want me to gain any more weight but it’s clear the medication I’m on is doing its job. Evuffything else checked out purrfectly fine. I even had Doc’s co-workers peeking in the window during my exam admiring how handsome I am. Doc drew my blood to make sure my levels are still purrfect. Ellie has nevfurr seen blood work purrformed so that fascinated her. She thought I was going to have purrple blood. Kids.

Once we arrived back home. Ellie made sure to purrvide me with some Pawty-Mix and a Fancy Feast Broth, and to escort me to one of my favfurrite cat-napping spots – Mom and Dad’s bed.

Good news – Doc called Mom the following day saying my bloodwork came back “beautifully!” and that I don’t need another check-up fur six months. Phew! Next time I just hope they bring me into a cat themed room and give me treats there fur being a good man. Sitting in a dog room seeing dog treats was a big tease!