There is almost nothing in life (apart from those of us with an abnormally large sweet tooth) that warms our collective hearts as much as the gift of flowers or floral arrangements. Whether it’s a single rose meant to show love or affection, or a bouquet of carefully selected flowers that burst with color to show friendship, appreciation, or just plain goodwill, flowers are universally enjoyed in any way shape or form we receive them. Not only are these plants aesthetically pleasing, they also offer many health benefits both physically and spiritually.

Spring is a great time for self-reflection and change and what better way than to spruce up your garden, home, office, and overall sense of well-being than with a beautiful arrangement of these gorgeous plants. Here are a few of our favorite flowers and the benefits they provide for ourselves and the world around us

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Value to Wildlife- Pussy Willow
The American Pussy Willow is a great example of how a native plant can both provide a habitat for wildlife while supporting the world around it. According to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, the Pussy Willow “likes to grow in damp soil and will grow very deep taproots that take up a lot of water. For this reason, it is a great plant to include in a rain garden or any place that tends to stay wet after a heavy rain. The fact that the Pussy Willow blooms so early makes it a very valuable food source for wildlife. The early March catkins provide one of the first-of-the-season nectar sources for pollinators. The insects, in turn, provide a smorgasbord for songbirds. The birds, especially chickadees and goldfinches, lock to the bush looking for dinner. The insects provide much needed protein.”

Health Benefits-Tulips
Tulip essential oil contains great benefits for aromatherapy purposes. Its essential oil properties are perfect for alleviating stress, anxiety and tension. Tulip essential oil can effectively increase relaxation, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Seeking to alleviate insomnia? tulip oil helps to facilitate a much better, peaceful and restful sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important in ensuring the proper maintenance of your body’s daily functions.

It wasn’t that long ago that the word Kale was on the tip of every health guru’s tongue, and for good reason. Though it may seem as ‘millenial’ in popular culture as the words ‘avocado toast’ and despite its cult status, Kale remains one of the most nutrient rich foods you can give your body. According to “Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, meaning it packs a powerful nutritional punch per typical serving. One cup of kale provides more than 100% of the daily minimum target for immune-supporting vitamin C and over 200% for vitamin A. The latter nutrient also supports immunity, as well as skin and brain health.” Kale can also help to hold off one of the most dangerous threats to our well-being, as reports, “kale contains natural compounds shown to help fend off cancer. This includes the ability to protect cells from DNA damage and mutations, inactivate cancer-causing compounds, slow cancer growth and spread, and even trigger cancer cell death.”

Beauty and Emotional Health Improvement-All Flowers!
Receiving flowers of any kind for any reason can give all of us the kind of immediate mood boost to get us through even the most stressful of days. A bouquet of flowers signals care and that someone out there is thinking of us. A pretty flower bouquet with uplifting scents and bursting color can brighten a room and lift our mood altogether.

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