Columbia County officials announced Friday plans to proceed with the purchase of an additional 1,000 COVID-19 testing kits. Officials had already previously announced the first order of 1,000 testing kits in response to county needs but have since decided to increase that amount yesterday bringing the amount spent to $24,000 of the $26,150 donated to date for the order of testing kits by private entities and county residents.

“Everyone involved in this COVID-19 crisis agrees that we need to do testing on a large scale if we expect to get ahead of it and get back to the new normal that COVID will bring,” said county Department of Health Director Jack Mabb via a county press release. “But it seems that the rural portions of the state have not been supported in obtaining kits. The generosity of our donors and the foresight of county leaders to move ahead with the purchase of additional kits beyond the first 1,000 kits shipment will go a long way in identifying the prevalence of the virus in our community.” On Thursday this past week, the Columbia County Department of Health learned that its initial order of 1,000 testing kits had been held up, but is expected to be received during next week.




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Image sourced from the Columbia County’s Department of Health Facebook page