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Cover Kitty

By Published On: March 24th, 2021

Fur obvious reasons, I’m an animal lovfurr. Which means Main Street Magazine’s March animal themed issue is my undisputed favurrite and most anticipated issue each year. I’ve submitted head shots purractically evfurry year in hopes of gracing the covfurr, and each year I have been passed over.

Allow me to present a few important reasons that necessitate my inclusion:

Mom works fur the magazine, I’m purretty good looking, and get this – my Aunt Thorunn is the publisher.

What’s the hold up ladies? I know there are plenty of dog, horse, and exotic animal lovefurrs, but what about all the crazy cat ladies out there?

Maybe its my age? I was under the impression that age was just a number.

Perhaps my fur isn’t styled to their liking. What’s wrong with a little extra fur?

Maybe I’ve put on a few lbs. thanks to an overindulgence in turkey. That is just something I cannot give up!

I can’t help but wonder what I could do to seal the deal next year.

Any suggestions furriends?

Raise your paw if you think I should make the covfurr!