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Daylight Savings Dinner

By Published On: March 22nd, 2023

You’re purrobably wondering why I’m wearing my sister’s scarf. The story goes like this: I’m far furrom a night owl like Mom. I’m one of those early birds. As soon as the sun starts to shine is when I wake up and start meowing fur the whole house to hear. In the words of my Great Grand-paw, “If I’m up, evfurryone’s up!” We’re a week-plus into daylight savings at this point and I’m all fur it staying this way. The family leaves an hour earlier fur school and work, which gives me a jump on my jam-packed daily schedule of catnapping.

When the fam-bam returns home at purrcisily 4:30pm, I’m sure to politely greet them at the furront door. I always start with asking how their day was. Mom usually immediately replies in her piercing cat-mom voice, “Hi Otis Joe-tis! I missed your face today!” Ellie tries to mimic Mom in her developing cat-mom voice, “Hi Otis Joe. Did you have a good day buddy?” Dad just simply says, “Hey Otis.” Then more importantly, what’s fur dinner is my next question to evfurryone.

Dad (believe it or not) is not fluent in speaking cat. He interpurrets my meows as “crying fur no reason” and tries to shush me. With no such luck, because I have to keep repeating the dinner question. Dad refuses to give in to me getting dinner earlier than usual because he wants to “keep me on the same schedule as the old time,” what the fluff man?! So his solution is to keep me quiet fur a few extra minutes?

Dad has come up with a distraction method: he dresses me in Ellie’s scarf. Fur whatevfurr reason, this trick seems to work – but as always – Mom to the rescue! No time change or scarf will evfurr stop Mom furrom making sure I get my dinner, on time!

How is daylight savings treating you?