December is such a perfect wine-drinking month.

Every day feels like a celebration of sorts, so why not?

Even though we aren’t gathering in ways of days gone by, we can still make toasts over zoom…or to our newfound friends on streaming shows. A trip to the wine store is practically a vacation these days, too, as the promise and allure of what’s in the bottles based on where the grapes are grown is as close as you may be getting to far-away lands for some time.


If you really want to titillate your love for wines from all over the world, at a store that’s in your backyard, you must go on vacation to Copake Wine Works. There you’ll find a sublime red from the Piedmont region in Italy called Iuli La Rina. It’s a wine made with the slarina grape (who knew??). Alice at the store says, “The 2018 is gorgeous. Big love here. It has a slightly tannic blueberry appeal. Fermented and aged in cement, it gets over two months of maceration and is a delightful 11.5% ABV (which means you can salute your friends multiple times without regretting it tomorrow).

There are SO MANY wonderful, hand-picked wines at Copake Wine Works.

Dream and celebrate.