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Dental Hygiene

By Published On: October 7th, 2020

My mom cares deeply about the family’s dental hygiene, which is very nice of her – making sure everyone is equipped with the purroper toothbrush, toothpaste and evfurry six months has a purrper cleaning with someone called a dentist is no small feat. Because my kid sister isn’t always keen on having her teeth brushed, Mom tells Ellie she’s going to tickle her teeth.

Sounds purretty terrifying, actually.

Good thing that Elmo toothbrush seems to subdue her.

I’ve purrsonally nevfurr been to the dentist, but my mom has recently become worried that I’m loosing my teeth. You see, when I purr now, I drool a little. Not sure how many times I have to meow fur her to understand I’m fine – I’m just excited to be getting a little extra attention recently since Ellie seems to take up most of my quality time. I even give Mom little love bites so she can feel confident I have strong healthy teeth.

Not to mention my appetite fur the four main food groups has not waned: dry food, wet food, treats and turkey.

Thanks fur caring Mom, but my teefers are just fine.

See fur yourself!