E-gads is it really Thursday afternoon?? I was so far ahead last week that I forgot about this week. Well, here goes.

With sunshine predicted for the full weekend, there’s no excuse not to get outside and soak up the sun – and then cool down in the evening with a great glass of wine. It really is the perfect time to Drink Pink. Rose is crisp, refreshing, and yet has that delicious hint of something more, which is the flavor of the grape skins the wine sat on, if even only for a little while. Venture beyond traditional French rose from Provence and try one from Argentina, made with the country’s signature varietal, Malbec. The DiamAndes Perlita Rosado is my choice. It’s got everything I want in a rose – it’s beautiful in the glass, it has a lovely fruity nose, and it’s crisp and bright but layered with deeper fruit flavors. A perfect pairing? Barbequed ribs and chicken. See you on the patio!