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By Published On: August 5th, 2020

There are many purrks to summer.

Basking in the sun that shines through the window, watching my family play in the kitty pool, and the scent of the furresh outdoors on evfurryones clothes.

Ah! But of course with the good, comes the bad.

My purrents tell folks that I am the very definition of a “scaredy-cat”, and I cannot completely deny this. Especially when it comes to the terrifying summer night thunderstorms. Or has my sister has dubbed them – dinosaurs!

To make matters worse, the rain on our skylights in the living room makes my ears go back, and the flash of light that comes through both the windows and french doors makes the fur on my back stand up.

Sometimes it sounds like the dinosaurs are right outside the house!

The only place I feel safe is underneath my sister’s crib as she bunks completely unaware of the ruckus happening outside.

Life can be funny sometimes — one minute you find yourself fleeing furrom dinosaurs, and the next your hanging out at your sister’s crib.