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Don’t Look At My Teefers!

By Published On: May 19th, 2021

Mom came charging through the front door yesterday furrom work, and instead of greeting me with an annoying kiss pur usual, she started prying my mouth open.

“Fridrik, his gums look a little red,” she said nervously. “I’ll call the vet.” Talk about waking up to a real life nightmare.

Next thing I know, Mom is making a dental appointment fur me because she thinks I might have gingivitis. Thanks Google. Because of Mom’s research, I now have to go to the vet again and this time, to have my teefers cleaned! Luckily, I have time to purrepare fur this trip because it isn’t happening until June 7th.

To put it bluntly, Mom thinks I have gingivitis because my breath stinks. News flash – it’s called cat breath. I’ve been drooling some, but only when I purr and I’ve been licking my left jowl more than usual. Mom feels like she isn’t filling my dry food dish as often as usual.

Easy explanation fur this behavior – my whiskers were out of place so I was just adjusting them and as far as the food is concerned, listen, I’m trying to work on my summer bod. Mom is also trying to count my teeth too and compare it to some Google chart she found, but I refuse to let her look in my mouth anymore!

I’m going to do evfurrything in my power to make sure mom cancels my appointment. Anyone else willing to help a furriend out?