In wondering what wine to feature for this weekend, I went to a website that lists what’s being celebrated nationally on any particular day. Who comes up with these things? Did you know August 19 is Chef’s Appreciation Day? National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day? Coco Chanel Day? And so many more! My wine selection will celebrate the one that resonates with me – National Hot and Spicy Food Day. I’m someone who puts hot sauce on just about everything and tends to order the spiciest selections on the menu. What’s a great wine for a spicy meal? Something with a hint of sweet to complement the heat. A go-to for me is an off-dry Riesling, and New York’s Finger Lakes region produces some exceptional selections, including one from the pioneer of winemaking and viticulture in the region, Dr. Konstantin Frank. Their Semi-Dry Riesling is ripe with notes of apricot, nectarine, and pineapple, with a pop of citrus on the finish for beautiful balance. Delicious on its own, it is the perfect wine to celebrate National Hot and Spicy Food Day, whether on August 19 or any day!