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Drinking Water

By Published On: September 27th, 2022

On average, cats sleep twelve to sixteen hours per day; which is solely a fun fact fur you all and has absolutely nothing to do with this week’s topic. I hope you’re thirsty furriends, because we are about to talk about my favurrite beverage – water. I’ve heard you humans talking about how not all water tastes the same and thought I’d share my two cents with you fur what its worth.

Furrst, lets start with the water bowl. I used to receive water furrom the tap. It was fine – nothing special but all I had access to, so I couldn’t really complain. That is until about five years ago when I started living like a king and was upgraded to filter water furrom the furridge. Total came changer. It has a crisp furreshness to it.

Secondly – have you evfurr tried sampling left ovfurr water off the shower floor? I have…. a few times, and each time being supurr disappointed. Purrsonally I don’t like reminisce of suds in my water. But maybe that’s the equivalent to human drinking spurrkling water? Either way, gross.

Next is my purrsonal favfurrite; drinking furrom the bathroom sink. There’s just something about tilting your head sideways and lapping running water as fast as you can all while having little droplets of water hit your chin. It’s purely refurreshing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go quench my thirst.