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Dry Food Review

By Published On: April 28th, 2021

Not only does Mom make sure my wet food, turkey, and paw-ty mix (Friskies Party Mix) are stocked at all times, she also keeps a close eye on my dry food as well. Like any good mom, she’s always trying to get me to eat supurr healthy, but honestly, there aren’t many dry foods that satisfy my taste buds. And besides, when it comes to dieting, I live by one philosophy — YOLO.

Recently, Mom and Dad returned home furrom the grocery store with two dry foods fur me to try out so I thought I might give you all an impromptu food review courtesy of yours truly.

Furriskies, I mean Friskies, was the furrst bag I tried. So far I’ve loved all their flavors, out in front is Seafood Sensations which never disappoints. I’m a “see food” kind of guy if catch my drift and it says on the bag that it helps support immune health. That must mean less dreaded trips to the vets — Get in my belly!

Next up was Fancy Feast. I wasn’t impurressed with the pink color on the bag – ya know, because its not a very masculine color — but the meowdel on the bag sealed the deal fur me. She’s a long haired, white feline, like myself. Has the most beautiful green eye’s I’ve evfurr seen, and a perfect pink nose. MEOW!

Oh right. The food review. So yeah, Fancy Feast was also delicious. The Filet Mignon flavor with real seafood and shrimp hit the spot. Plus, it’s the perfect size kibble.

Now that my belly is full, I’m ready fur a catnap.

But furrist – is there anyway to furrame that fantastic looking Fancy Feast feline fur my bedroom wall?