Claverack Library will host a free presentation by Becky Stowe titled How to Speak Dog

On Saturday November 9 at 4 PM the Claverack Library will host a free presentation by Becky Stowe titled How to Speak Dog.

Our dogs are “talking” to us all the time – but we don’t always understand what they’re trying to tell us. Dogs are a social lot:  they “speak” loud and clear, if you know how to listen! The study of canine cognition and communication has exploded over the past several decades, with Canine Cognition Labs (laboratories, not Retrievers) popping up at universities all over the globe.  The work of behaviorists, ethologists, zoologists, psychologists and of course veterinarians has resulted in a new understanding of just how smart (and communicative) our Best Friends are.

With photographs and videos, we’ll discuss the ways dogs communicate with each other and with us – once you know what to look for, you’ll be surprised how “chatty” your dog is!

Bonus: Myth Busting!  Rarely does a bite “come out of nowhere.” Contrary to popular opinion,  your dog doesn’t feel “guilty” when he gets into the garbage or chews your new shoes. When you come home and he’s hiding under the bed, he’s telling you something, but it’s not “I feel guilty.” And you can teach an old dog lots of tricks! We will discuss some of the common misconceptions that make communicating with our canine friends more difficult than it needs to be.

HOW TO SPEAK DOG will give you some tools for learning how to read your dog’s body language – and thereby start you on your way to speaking “dog.”

Becky Stowe is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, KA. After a long career in publishing, she went back to school to study Animal Behavior and has been working with dogs since 2006. She currently deploys with the ASPCA’s Anti Cruelty Behavior Team to work with dogs rescued from puppy mills, hoarding cases and dog fighting cases. She also teaches classes with her colleagues at Hot Fuzz Dog Training ( and sees private clients through her own business, Second Act Dog Training (  She lives with two dogs:  Sadie the Springer Spaniel and Merlin the Australian Shepherd, who have taught her a LOT about “speaking dog.”

The NEW Claverack library is located at 9 Route 9H at the intersection with 23B. The parking lot is entered from Route 23B.


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