D’Arcy Simpson Art Works Presents – Chromatic Scale by Michael Simpson

Location: D’Arcy Simpson Art Works, 409 Warren Street Hudson NY 12529
On display April 29th-June 1st, Thursdays-Mondays, 12-5 PM
Michael Simpson continues his rigorous series of color field paintings in his latest show Chromatic Scale. These paintings explore and experiment with color relationships and interactions in ways that transcend the physical material, creating a psychological, emotive effect.  The artist rubs pigment into raw wood, allowing the material’s porousness and grain to influence the texture and saturation of each panel. Each color is improvised and organically mixed, their surfaces vacillating between translucency and opacity. He then assembles 4 panels that uniquely interact and vibrate as a cohesive piece, similar to a musician playing individual notes at once to create a chord. Chromatic Scale is on view at D’Arcy Simpson Art Works from April 29-June 1.


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