Finding Sanctuary in the Body

Free guided support for body, mind and spirit
Paula Josa-Jones

A recipe for entering the body:
Attention: because the body is precise.
Listening: because the body is subtle.
Kindness: because the body is tender.

I am offering some gentle somatic support, and invite you to join me for a weekly 30-minute free movement meditation.

Each week I will share a simple, gentle movement experience to help settle our bodies, minds and hearts, and hold ourselves more gently in this unsettling and challenging time.

These mindful practices can help to calm and steady us, using conscious movement and stillness, breath, self-touch, and imagery. In my experience, when we move with an improvisational spirit of exploration, we find greater expression, expansion, and resilience.

You are welcome to join for all sessions or as many as you can.
No need to RSVP if you have already joined us.


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