New solo photographic exhibit at the Sharon Town Hall

“50 Shades of Blue” exhibit is now hanging at the Sharon Town Hall until January 6th.

With the “50 Shades of Blue” exhibit – Environmental economist Pamela Peeters’ new art series created while on an Ice Safari in Ilulissat, Greenland this past June – shows both the strength and vulnerability of our planet’s ecosystems.

Peeters says, “As an environmental economist and sustainability strategist, also writer, producer and artist, my main mantra is to “Inspire the World to do good to Mother Earth” and she needs that dedication more than ever. A lady of 4.5 billion years of age deserves more respect than she currently receives and I have developed a couple of tools to spread that word, television productions included.

My work is also an invitation for humanity to start a more caring relationship with our planet and my previous art series entitled “ELEMENTS” serves as a foundation for that as it not only comes in posters, but also as an interactive and uplifting wisdom card deck.”

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