Portraits of American Trees, the Photography of Tom Zetterstrom

Portraits of American Trees, the Photography of Tom Zetterstrom,

Berkshire Botanical Garden, Leonhardt Galleries, Stockbridge, MA

September 17-October 31, 2021, Opening reception Sept 17, 5-7 PM

Fine arts photographer Tom Zetterstrom, ’67, will exhibit 36 vintage gelatin silver photographs from

his Portraits of American Trees portfolio at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Leonhardt Galleries,

in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, September 17-October 31.

Zetterstrom’s photographs are represented in the collections of 44 museums nationally, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Getty Museum of Art, Yale University Art Gallery, and in the Library of Congress, as well as numerous corporate and private collections.

“Zetterstrom’s portraits of trees partake in a tradition whose roots lie deep in nineteenth-century photography and painting,” wrote Charles S. Moffett, former director of the Phillips Collection. “(His) images reflect moods and ideas that are at least indirectly related to British and American Romantic traditions. He has both built a bridge to the past and created a body of work that fully reflects a particular late-twentieth century sensibility.”

Zetterstrom is the recipient of the 2011 national Arbor Day Foundation’s Public Awareness of Trees Award for his photographic work, and as a tree preservationist. In a series of talks entitled Whose Woods These Are, Zetterstrom will describe projects that have effected positive change to protect native plants and trees in natural and in community forests. In addition he will give 3 gallery talks about the art and horticulture of black and white tree photography. www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/portraits-american-trees


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