“Regenerative Agriculture”

Have you heard the term “Regenerative Agriculture” and wondered what in the world that might be? In a talk at the Claverack Library on Saturday March 14th at 4 PM Seamus Donahoe will  offer an organized understanding of this new ecological trend, what makes it unique from “sustainable,” and why it is the next step in our journey toward healing ourselves and our home.
Seamus Donahoe is a Permaculturist and Edible Landscaper, with 10 years of hands on experience in organic farming, and holistic landcare. With his partner, John Mulligan, he is a co-founder of Rise & Run Permaculture, LLC, a landscaping company focusing on creating and caring for landscapes that offer both beauty and bounty for humans and wildlife alike.
The Claverack Library is located at 9 Route 9H. Enter the parking lot around the corner at 629 Route 23B. Bring your questions; stay for refreshments.


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