What would you want for your last supper?

Robert, a death row prisoner about to be executed, wants an apple pie. So that’s what his mother Miriam is making him. After his turbulent childhood, this is the one final thing she can give him. So starts the play “Apples in Winter,” premiering this autumn at the DENIZEN Theatre in New Paltz. Over the next hour, as Miriam lovingly crafts an actual apple pie on stage in the prison kitchen, the audience will smell her baking and unravel the mystery that led to this moment.
Miriam doesn’t shy away from the toughest questions:
• Was Robert born bad — or did she raise him wrong?
• How is it possible to love a person capable of evil?
• What was the shocking crime that led to Robert’s death
• And why is an apple pie the best way to say goodbye?
Starring Jennifer Delora, “Apples in Winter” is a powerhouse onewoman play that will stir your heart but also surprisingly, make you laugh out loud, as it explores the ideas of mercy, motherhood and madness.

Denizen Theatre is proud to present “Apples in Winter” — our
first in-person production after the COVID-19 pandemic
Directed by James P. Rees (“Mr. Robot,” “Orange is the New Black”)
and written by Albany-based playwright and novelist Jennifer Fawcett
Tickets on sale, starting September 8
Previews: Thurs, Oct 21
Opening Night: Fri, Oct 22, running until Nov. 14. Thursdays,
Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm; Sundays at 2pm.
information@denizentheatre.com (845) 303-4136


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