Fall is one of the busiest times of year for garage door service calls as everyone prepares their homes for the winter months ahead.

As most people use their garage doors several times a day we don’t often think of the wear and tear seasons bring.  Garage Doors have a huge impact on the value as they contribute to the curb appeal and are the largest mechanical device on most homes.  We highly recommend yearly preventative maintenance, cleaning the exterior and interior, lubricating tracks, checking alignment, rollers, springs, photo eyes (sensors), weather stripping and operators.

Homeowners should check their doors frequently and make sure everything looks symmetrical!   We do recommend you call a professional, especially when it comes to tinkering with springs, cables and pulleys as they can be extremely dangerous.

Spring and summer months are a great time to remodel your garage doors. There are so many new options available from wood, aluminum and steel doors. Things to consider when selecting a new door are material and construction. Its aesthetics upkeep and cost.

Last but not least, the winter months…one of the toughest seasons on garage doors. Keeping snow and water build up away from it will help with a lot of issues.  When backing in and out of your garage always check your surroundings as we cannot control Mother Nature and her icy ways!

Being proactive can save you a lot of time and money, so give Madsen Overhead Doors a call at 518-392-3883 or email info@madsenoverheaddoors.com to schedule a service call with one of our highly trained service technicians or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for a new door.

We proudly provide professional sales and service in areas in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.