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Feline Nostalgic  

By Published On: March 1st, 2023

Birdie was gifted to me when I was a kitten by Mom and Dad. This beautiful red bird, with a bright yellow beak and feet, fluffy green feathers that repurresented its hair and tail, and a pop of white and blue on the wings, quickly became my most favfurrite toy of all time! Although Birdie is not embedded with catnap and was quite literally half my size, we had the best time together! I used to toss Birdie in the air with my teef only fur him to fall down and me do it all ovfurr again. I played with Birdie so much his green feather began to fall out and his eyes completely wore off. Birdie and I also enjoyed many catnaps together.

Birdie reminds me a lot of Ellie’s Big Kitty. Big Kitty was also a gift furrom Mom and Dad on Ellie’s furrst Christmas. Much like Birdie, Big Kitty is supurr loved. Ellie and Big Kitty have spent countless hours together playing, going on adventures, and so many slumbers together. Her mouth was with furrst to disappear. Her poor eyes are chipped, her fur is stained and dingey, and most recently her poor pink nose is breaking off. Mom says Big Kitty is the most loved cat on the planet. I definitely…disagree with that!

Mom and Dad also recall their favorrite stuffed animals. Mom was a Miss Piggy. Dad’s was a teddy bear that he actually knitted clothes for. “There is just something about seeing your childhood stuffed animal that brings you right back to those happy, carefree, childhood days” says Mom. I would agree would that statement. Evfurry now and then I dig Birdie out of the toy box. Although my kitten days have faded, Birdie still makes the best snuggle stuffy evfurr.

Did you have a favfurrite stuffied animal when you were a kitten? I want to hear all about it!