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Finally, Feline Fine!

By Published On: August 25th, 2021

Well furriends, I’ve lived to tell about my visit to the vet…by the skin of my teef!

Mom and Dad waited as long as possible to feed me dinner Sunday night because I was required to fast prior to my procedure on Monday morning. I must admit, I really wanted my 4AM breakfast, but held it together as long as felinely possible. At least Dad gave me a back-handed compliment…“I’m impressed Otis didn’t start crying for his breakfast until 5:30!” Once Mom and Dad were up they were hustling around the kitchen getting their human lunches ready fur the day. Talk about torture!

Once Mom and Ellie left, Dad scooped me up and off we went. At drop off, all I remempurr hearing was Dad agreeing that if I needed any teeth removed, to go ahead and do so. What the fluff, man?! No kiss goodbye?

Apparently Mom called a couple times to check on me. The Doc was pleased to report evfurrything went very well and that I had a total of six teeth removed, seemingly confident that her work will fix my licking issue. Mom picked me up and told me it was the quietest car ride we’ve evfurr had. Really Mom? I’m not exactly feline my oats right meow.

I was sent home with stitches in my mouth, drool running down my face, pupils the size of my head (kids, don’t do drugs!), and strict instructions fur a wet food only diet until Wednesday evening. Might I add my nurse furgot to remove the bandage where my IV was – purrhaps because it camouflaged in with my fur? Mom and Dad finally managed to hold me down long enough last night to get it off. Now look at my arm – I look like a Poodle!

48 hours post-surgery and I’m finally feline better! My appetite is returning, and my drooling has subsided, I want love and attention, and have even tried giving a couple love bites. The teef I do have left are working purrfectly! The real question is, will my licking remain at bay?

Thank you all fur your concern and checking in, it means so much.