The Otis Feed

Finding the Positive

By Published On: April 1st, 2020

Last week, I was somewhat purrturbed when my whole world was turned upside down and my routine was thrown all out of whack – not an ideal situation furr a feline like me.

We are now a week and a half into my purrents working from home and I’ve had time to reflect on my purrdicament – and I’m trying to find some positives.

The extra turkey throughout the day is most definitely satisfying my taste buds and the extra hair brushing and sponge baths really make me feel like the “handsome pants” that my mom claims I am. My baby sister and I are getting along better as well….or at least I’m tolerating her more because she so fascinated by the “kitty” – can’t say that I blame the kid. And it’s purretty cute when she calls me Otty.

Although I’m not crazy about the constant kisses furrum my mom, I LOVE being tucked in with a blankey no matter where I decide to curl up furr a cat nap. But most of all life is short and I know this is only tempurrary.

I will definitely miss my humans oh-so much when normal life resumes- probably definitely.

stay healthy furrnatics