With the cold air coming through this weekend, it’s time to cozy up by the fire. My idea of the perfect fireside indulgence? A glass of port with a plate of cheese, crackers and fruit. Heaven! Get to a market and buy some fabulous local cheeses – a selection of aged cheeses and also some soft-rind, creamy cheeses — the stinkier the better. Get a selection of crackers, too. I love rice crackers and thin crackers with lots of seeds on them. A nice Granny Smith apple is perfect. For the centerpiece of the occasion – the port – I like a tawny over a ruby port, as the tawny has been aged in oak to enrich its flavor. A lovely bottle that’s readily available is the Fonseca 10-Year Tawny Port. It’s got a silky mouthfeel and explodes with notes of stewed strawberries and plums with some spice. Paired with the cheeses – and the fire – there’s no better way to spend a cold winter’s night.