There’s the succulence of a big California Cab; there’s the earthiness of a yummy Merlot; and there’s the perfect pitch of a lovely Pinot Noir.

With spring in the air and Easter tables laden with ham, lamb, young potatoes, asparagus, peas – or whatever! – Pinot is the wine you’ll want.

I love how this wine is described on the website Wine Dharma: “Pinot Noir is the quintessence of elegance and finesse. It is delicate, fragrant, ethereal, with fruity notes of small berries, hazelnuts, tea, light spices, moss, mushrooms, lacquer, currant, pine, resin, orange peel, and raspberries.” I mean, how can you go wrong??

There are Pinots from around the world. If you want to have a really good time, try two Pinots of the same vintage year from two different parts of the United States (or the planet) side-by-side. Your local wine store owner can help you make great choices.