For all of you who love the onset of fall, I get it, but I’m not in your camp.

I love summer, and I look for ways to hang on to it. Frozen sangria is one of those ways. It’s basically a fruit-and-wine slushy – flavorful and festive, and with the varieties of frozen fruits and fruit juices on the market, you can come up with all kinds of combos. The recipes here are basic for a red and white frangria. Blend up a batch and settle in for a late summer sunset.

Very Berry Frangria:

First make the sangria, combining in a large pitcher one bottle of dry red wine with about 2 cups of frozen mixed berries and 1 to 2 cups of a berry combo fruit juice, like blueberry pomegranate. Choose a juice that’s as natural as possible, definitely without artificial sweetener!

Put the sangria in the fridge for about a half hour to help the flavors blend. (You can refrigerate the blend for several hours if necessary.) When you’re ready for frangria, fill a blender about one-third full of ice cubes, scoop some fruit from the sangria into it, and pour in some of the wine/juice blend, leaving enough space in the blender so it won’t overflow.

Pulverize the contents to slushy consistency, pour into cups or glasses, and add a straw. Repeat as needed or to taste until the sangria is used up.

Peach Mango Frangria:

For this one, combine in a large pitcher one bottle of dry white wine, about 2 cups of frozen peach and mango pieces, and 1 to 2 cups of either straight peach juice, a peach-mango juice, or a blend that might include white grape juice, too. They’re all yummy.

Stir and refrigerate, and when ready for your frangria, get out the blender, fill about one-third with ice, add some of the fruit, pour in some of the wine/juice, and hit pulverize.

Divide among glasses, add a straw, and head for that seat with the sunset view.

Happy Summer!