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By Published On: May 20th, 2020

You guys – it’s time furr some real talk. My mom is crazy – and not just cat lady crazy!

This whole pandemic has caused salons to be closed furr too long. My mom has been complaining she needs a haircut. I think she looks fine. And besides – her hair is almost always pulled back so it’s not like anyone would even notice if she got her hair cut anyway.

She’s always putting little bows in my little sister’s hair and lately, these small boxes furrom Amazon are showing up with hair ties of different colors, sizes, patterns — you name it! Now, all of a sudden, Ellie has a ponytail! What is happening?!

Don’t get me wrong; I love me a box to sit in, but Ellie’s hair looked fine with just one bow in it. Perhaps my mom should be putting that hair-tie money towards more paw-ty mix?

Not long after, she started complaining about my dad’s hair. Ummm, Mom – last time I was on the back of the couch and checked – Dad doesn’t have much hair left, so you should probably leave it alone.


She didn’t listen to me. Last night this weird buzzing sound woke me up furrom my after-dinner catnap. I came running as fast as I could to see if there was a Murder Bee in the house…turns out my mom was cutting my dad’s hair! Furr the love of God woman – don’t scare me like that!

Now everyone in the house has had their own personal grooming session thanks to mom. Sheesh! Thank goodness I have fur and don’t have to worry about these types of hairy situations.

This morning, mother was giving me a lovely sponge bath…a little extra water than normal— nothing to flare back the ears over – or so I thought. She started taking her (usual) photo-shoot of me, only furr me to realize what she had done.

Betchya never seen a cat with a furrhawk before?! Well…now you have!