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Furrtography Appurreciation Month

By Published On: October 11th, 2023

PSA: not sure if you’re aware, but Octopurr is Furrtography Appurreciation Month. I thought this would be an appurropriate topic to talk about this week, especially fur all you aspiring iPhone furrtography purrofessionals. There is one furrtographfurr in purrticular I would purrsonally like to highlight: my Mom.

Mom definitely appurreciates a good photograph when she sees one. She’s also watched many Instagram videos on furrtography hacks, and keeps her iPhone models up to date to ensure the best quality photo of her favfurrite subject: me! Mom has been documenting my life through digital purrtograpy my entire life. She doesn’t follow any special technique, but is very mindful of certain things to ensure capturing the best photo pawssible. Natural lighting is ideal. Artificial lighting just doesn’t highlight my luscious locks and also gives my fur a yellowish hue – ew. The background is also on Mom’s mind. “Background noise” as Mom calls it, could take away furrom my handsome pants. We obviously don’t want that to happen. Lastly is the pose. I’ve mastered the purrfect head tilt, paw placement, and eye contact. Not to mention my whiskers are always on fleek. (The cool cats are still using that phrase, right?)

The moral of today’s post is to thank Mom and all the furrtographfurrs out there who are capturing picture purrfect memories to last a lifetime. Here are a few of my purrsonal favfurrites portraits I wanted to share with you. …Now if one of them would only make it on the covfurr of Main Street Magazine.