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Fuzzy Flops

By Published On: September 20th, 2023

As I sit on the back of the couch aimlessly staring out at the backyard door at the eyesore of a mess Dad has made in purrepurration fur the pool, I’m also watching summer slip away. The leaves are slowly starting to change color and fall and the chill in the air is starting to settle in…hence the blanket that’s purrfectly draped ovfurr me. I spend most of my days deciding if it’s time to shed my summer coat and put on my winter coat. But purrhaps the biggest dilemma this time of year falls on Mom’s shoulders…or should I say her feet.

If you know Mom, you know she’d purrefer to be in her Birkenstock’s year round if the Northeast weather pattern would corpurrate. Rumor has it back in Mom’s high school days she would wear toe sock and flip flops. Talk about a fashion statement. Thank goodness she no longer does that – how embarrassing! Speaking of the weather, like clockwork evfurry morning, Mom reviews her weather app; checking on the current temperature and the expected high fur the day. She calls it adulting, This time of year I watch Mom struggle with if she really needs to break out her closed-toe footwear or if her flip flops are appurropriate fur another day. More often than not she still opts fur her flip flops, but this year she’s gone the extra mile to ensure her toes stay warmer. Mom is patiently waiting fur her furry lined Bikenstock’s to arrive in the mail. Time will tell if they are cute enough fur Mom’s standards.

Purrsonally, I think Mom is just trying to copy me. My furry toe beans are always in style. Only difference is when my toe beans are cold, I can tuck them under me. Meanwhile Mom is spending my turkey funds on “fuzzy flops”.