Who’s To Say I Am Awake; Are You? asks the question about the state of consciousness today. What is currently rising to visibility from our unconscious minds? 

For Carl Jung, consciousness is like a small island in the ocean of the unconscious, while the unconscious is part of the primordial condition of humankind. Jung explains various methods for uncovering the contents of the unconscious, talk therapy, dream analysis and art making.

The works of these 19 artists explore the conscious and unconscious mind, sleeping and waking states, inner and outer worlds, things we see and don’t see, what we hide and what we show the world. Art holds the implicit power to awaken, stir and provoke through the innumerable ways that it charts the unknown; through representations of buried and hidden histories alongside meticulously mapped and dissected versions of reality. Artworks manifest slices of reality that are deliberately not at the forefront of consciousness in order to push the unforeseen forward.

Featuring work by: Paul Anagnostopoulos, Aisha Tandiwe Bell-Caldwell, Theresa Daddezio, Mark Joshua Epstein, Tara Foley, Henry Klimowicz, KK Kozik, Kirstin Lamb, Marta Lee, Loraine Lynn, Azikiwe Mohammed, Lucha Rodriguez, Kat Ryals, Saki Sato, Nikko Sedgwick, Darn Studio, Brigitta Varadi, Erik White, Jack Wood.

Mark Joshua Epstein, Up and alert, but with the curtains closed, Acrylic on resin/fiberglass panel, 48 x 36 x 2 in.

Theresa Daddezio, Snake Castle, 2022, Signed, titled, and dated on verso, Oil on linen, 52 x 38 inches.

Show runs from June 10 – July 30
Opening reception June 10, 4-6pm

34 Main St, Millerton, NY 12546
Millerton Geary Gallery