Parties, parties, parties! Such a great time of year to celebrate friends and family and the joy of the season. A wine that brings sparkle and smiles to any and all occasions is, of course, champagne! While true Champagne can only come from the Champagne region in France, the term is casually applied to sparkling wines, which include Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, and Methode Champenoise from many other parts of the world, including the US. One of my very favorites is the bubbly from Gruet Winery, which is in New Mexico. Yes, champagne from New Mexico!! The winery was started by a French family in 1984, and its line of Methode Champenoise wines have earned high praise and scores and are some of the most celebrated by sommeliers across the country. I’ve had the Brut and the Brut Rose, and they are both fantastic, with lovely yeasty notes, playful and enticing bubbles, and fresh and crisp finishes. The perfect celebration wine for the holiday season and any time of year. Cheers!