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Hairball Blues Part II

By Published On: January 22nd, 2020

I hope you all will purrdon me furr my absence last week, my family came down with yet another case of the hairballs. Is there a vaccine available that will fight off the scourge of hairball viruses that will not leave my family alone?! Nevertheless we have purrservered despite the cold temperatures and snow flurries leaving a lack of birds for me to chatter at. The upside to all this quite frankly is the increase in the amount of downtime we all have enjoyed at home. Like hunkering down during a purrticularly nasty storm, the fridge has been well stocked with turkey and my time curled up under comfy blankets has gone by mostly uninterrupted. My lingering hope, as I dispel my last hairball, is to speedily get back to my 2020 resolution of enjoying life to its fullest while dreaming of warmer days and longer cat naps.

Stay warm everyone, and keep your hairballs to yourself

P.S. don’t furrget to wash your paws furr twenty seconds with warm soapy water.