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By Published On: September 11th, 2019

Question of the Day: Do humans get hairballs?

My poor baby sister is currently a teething machine and according to mom has “something viral going on” at the same time, which is giving her hairballs of a different variety. My mom is home taking care of her and trying to work too, all while trying not to get sick herself, though she’s already been on the receiving end of a few my sister’s hairballs.

Ugh, I’m not used to all this office work (checking emails, contacting ad-furrtisers, answering the phones), even if my only contribution has been keeping the chair warm. Trust me though; it’s harder than it looks…I took everything I had to keep my eyes furrom closing and taking a cat nap. I sure hope the hairballs leave our house so I can resume my usually hectic daily schedule of all day cat napping.