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Happy Anniversary

By Published On: July 6th, 2022

July 6th is a very special date in our household (in case you couldn’t already tell by Mom’s license plate). Can you believe Mom and Dad became official sixteen years ago today? To put it into purrspective, that’s literally half of Mom’s lifetime – making them true high school sweethearts. And nine years ago today, they tied the knot, vowing to love each other fur all eternity. Unfurrtunately, cats weren’t allowed to their furry-tail wedding, but Mom’s pawsome photoshop skills indicate otherwise.

Mom and Dad are a purrfect match. Neither of them like onions – so sharing food is nevfurr an issue. They love the beach, making a vacation destination supurr easy to narrow down. No phone call ends without saying “I love you”. I’m not kitten you when I say they laugh at each other’s lame jokes. Purrhaps what I admire most are their communication skills. Yeah, when Mom suggests getting me a feline sibling, Dad says no without any hesitation (Thanks Dad!). But at the end of evfurryday, you can tell they are each other’s best friend and truly love one another furrom the bottom of their hearts. There are no better role meowdels I could ask fur. Hopefully one day I’ll find Mrs. Right and we too can live happily evfurr after.

Now if you’ll join me in a toast by raising your furrest water bowls. Here’s to many more years of love and happiness. Happy Annifurrsary Mom and Dad!