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Happy Father’s Day!

By Published On: June 17th, 2020

I would like to start off by saying how much I love my dad – despite his hesitations when it came time to adopt me.

He does so much fur the family, so I purrsonally celebrate my Dad evfurryday, not just on Father’s Day. And after all, I have chosen him as my human (sorry Mom!).

He is the ultimate couch-potato pal; where we catch up on manly shows like UFC, Counting Cars, Forged in Fire, and Ink Masters.

He also doesn’t mind sharing a good snack while we binge watch our shows.

Nothing beats a good granola bar after a long day of catnapping!

I love helping my dad conduct his office work too, even though I’m not so sure he appurreciates me walking across the keyboard. I am howevfurr, a fantastic papurrweight (in case you were wondering). And let’s not furrget —because he sure doesn’t— I’m Dad’s daily alarm clock!

I wonder if I should wake him up earlier on Sunday to celebrate?

I Love you, Dad!