I was at a Wine Swap last night with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. All attendees brought a wrapped bottle of wine that was put on a large table. Everyone pulled a cork with a number on it. When it was time, the numbers were called off and people chose one bottle from among the copious selection. When all were picked, everyone was given the ok to unwrap their bottle. People could then go around the room and, if they had a request card, ask to swap with someone. If that person did not have a card that proclaimed “I want my wine!” then they had to exchange the bottle. It was a lot of fun. What was even more fun was that I came home with a bottle of 2016 Rosso Di Montalcino from Tuscany. Made with Sangiovese grapes, I learned that Rosso is a younger version of the much-loved Brunello di Montalcino wines. Made in the same fashion, it is simply able to age for less time and can therefore be released sooner – to enjoy! Good thing I had “I want my wine!” card, because I wasn’t releasing my Russo to anyone, but I’m sure looking forward to drinking it! Oh, and thank you ColCo COC for the event, and to Freeman Howard, PC, for the open wine bar while we waited to pick and swap.