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Hey Sweet Cheeks

By Published On: July 19th, 2022

Sorry in advance to speak on such an awkward topic this week, but I could really use your thoughts on a purrticular subject. I’ve obviously been using the litter box fur my entire life, but out of nowhere Mom appurroached me asking if I’d be willing to ditch the box and use the toilet like appurrently so many cats do on YouTube. You’ve cat to be kitten me.

I have so many thoughts racing through my mind right meow. Furrst and foremost – why? Next, it feels like the bathrooms in the house are always occupied by someone whether it be to brush their teeth, take a shower, or apply makeup. Plus, who wants to be bothered with lifting the seat up and down and being sure to use just the right amount of toilet paper? I would hate to run the risk of clogging the toilet! Purrhaps my biggest con on the idea of using the toilet is having to brace myself with all four paws. Ew!

My litter box is in the purrfect spot – the laundry room. This non-high traffic destination makes it nice and purrivate fur when duty calls. Not to mention, after some trial and error, I finally found a cat litter I really like. It is pawsome to dig in, has no purrfumes or dyes, and clumps purrfectly. And purrsonally, I’m more comfurrtable leaving my two front paws on the floor…this eliminates any possibility of contamination and makes fur a quick exit.

Am I justified in my thoughts? Once again, asking fur a furriend.