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High Vibe Chick Coaching: Feeling Your Way Back to You

By Published On: December 11th, 2017

By Mary B. O’Neill, Ph.D. |

As human beings, we are part of a Universe vibrating with an energy that conducts itself through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. This energy comprises our overall vibrational energy, which defines how we engage with ourselves the world around us.

If that vibration is high with positive energy, then we’re in a place of oneness and well-being. When our vibration is low and negative, energy is not flowing freely, and we find we’re operating against ourselves and others.

Our vibrational energy is attracted to and can be influenced by the energy of others. That means our own life force can be affected for better or worse by interactions with people we meet, events we can’t control, and even ourselves by the thoughts and feelings we generate.

Once awakened to these energy fluctuations, we can alter them through mindful awareness and choice, thus shifting or restoring our vibrations to high frequency.

High Vibe Chick

These are the foundational premises for Stephanie Stanton’s High Vibe Chick coaching and portrait photography practice in Canaan, CT.
Like many other professionals in this corner of the world, Stephanie wears multiple career hats. For the past ten years she has led transformational retreats and workshops. At the Canaan-based Mountainside Treatment Center she has been an adventure facilitator and more recently has established the Center’s Personal Empowerment Program. On top of that she’s a portrait photographer, specializing in female portraiture with over a decade of camera clicks behind her.

In High Vibe Chick, her coaching and photography practice have dovetailed in a way that feels right for Stephanie – and she’s all about the feeling. “My whole photography career has been about using portraits to express a woman’s confidence, boldness, and self-love. It wasn’t until I began coaching that I fully realized that that’s what I had been trying to express.”

With an asymmetric hair style that falls easily across her face and a warm wide smile that is just as easy, Stephanie exudes her own high playful energy – one that makes you want to explore with her.

“Now my photography can be a conduit for the work I do with clients in our coaching sessions. The portrait is the manifestation and a concrete reminder of that high vibration we are seeking in our coaching work together,” Stephanie explains. “Through photography, I help women express their authentic brand and embody their empowered selves.”

Good vibrations

The first step is to book a free consultation with Stephanie. It’s there that you’ll discuss your goals for your work together. This plan could involve a portrait, coaching, or both. Her coaching ranges from a single Deep Dive session to six months of more intensive meetings.
Once you decide what’s right for you, let the play – not work – begin. Stephanie wants this guided self-molding of a more authentic life to be playful, creative, and fun – kind of like Play-Doh for the soul.

It’s not all fun and games. Some of what we’ve experienced in our lives isn’t rainbows and unicorns, but for Stephanie uncovering those old feelings that generate low energy can be the first step in moving toward and sustaining an increasingly high energy existence. Stephanie describes, “When we live in a high energy, high vibration state we’re living with less effort, leaning into life instead of away from it, feeling less dissonance and more joy. Life feels softer, easier.”

Hooked on a feeling

Yet, we operate within a results-oriented resume society. What have you got to show for yourself? Where’s the list of your accomplishments? What will you tackle in the future to get you where you want to be?

In Stephanie’s coaching model feelings come first. Her only goal to facilitate your exploration of how you want to feel, not generate a list of tasks you need accomplish. Whatever you do in life should reflect how you want to feel on the inside.

This is a key distinction that defines her work with clients. Her method is “heart-centered, not head-centered.” These core feelings are what we are really striving for. When we identify the core feelings we’d like to experience, the ones that promote high vibrational energy, then we can figure the actions, people, and experiences promote them.

On the flip side, we can also identify the actions, people, and experiences that cause us to become detached from our true selves. When we’re in that place, we’re off kilter and mentally and spiritually wonky. Then, like correcting bad posture, we need to realign ourselves with our own desired feelings.

Fun zone

Stephanie invited me for a session in her High Vibe space overlooking Main Street in Canaan. Upon entering the reception area of the High Vibe zone she greets me warmly and offers a cup of herbal tea. As I look around, I can see this oasis is the interior design metaphor for Stephanie’s coaching.

It’s stylish, with white modern furniture resting on a golden wood floor. Room accents and rugs are playful and colorful, adding some sassy personality. Tall ceilings create a sense of limitless upward space.

To the right is the “play” room. It’s sleek and uncluttered, but with a feeling of warmth, comfort, and strength. Hard edges are softened and tall windows shrouded in gauzy white curtains form a translucent vision of the real world outside, but veil it just enough to create the distance needed for the session ahead.

The core is the matter

When both of us are seated and comfortable – truth be told I’m a little nervous – Stephanie asks me to explore what I love. Why? “Because we are what we love,” Stephanie gently asserts. “Part of our work is to help you reconnect you with what you love. We also want to identify your limiting beliefs. Those are the thoughts and actions that keep you away from who you’d love to be, how you’d love to be, and what you’d love to do.”

Our session takes the form of a back and forth exchange, with Stephanie scribbling my thoughts and streams of consciousness with colored Crayola markers and a drawing pad. We’re playing here, remember?

Every so often Stephanie stops me and asks me to clarify a comment I make, or unpack a thought. Then she returns to writing. When we finish with that part of the session, Stephanie asks me to close my eyes while she slowly reads out some of the words. These seemingly random words form a pattern of what I love and what makes me feel closer to my more authentic self, which Stephanie assures me is in there somewhere.
As a woman who creates many lists in my life, I wasn’t expecting the power of having read aloud to me all those things and feelings that I value now, and those I valued once but unintentionally let slip away.

Stephanie and I spend a good portion of the session talking about energy. Specifically, how susceptible I can be to my high energy being compromised when I meet a person who exudes a lower negative energy, aka the people who bring me down.

We explore some ways I could meet those people and situations and continue to vibrate at my level of positivity. This involves being aware of what’s going on within me, noticing subtle downward shifts in myself, like an elevator when it begins jerking toward the ground floor after its buttons have been pushed. “With awareness, comes change,” she assures me.

At the close of the session, I choose three core valued feelings from the list that are most important to my life and define who I am and how I want to be. These are the values that define my “personal brand.” They express how I want to know myself and how I want others to know me.
Along with those core feelings comes a homework assignment with the intent of making those three valued feelings manifest in the world through a doable action. I know, I know – homework isn’t fun, but this assignment kind of is, and it’s small enough where I don’t feel overwhelmed or lack the skills I need to complete it. According to Stephanie, everything I need is already there.

While my session was a seated conversation, Stephanie emphasizes the experiential part of her coaching. Don’t be surprised if she suggests a hike or creating a piece of art to shift your focus and pull you to the edge of your comfort zone, and maybe a little beyond.

Creating the life you want

“I love helping women remember who they are and believe more in the whispers of their own heart. I don’t think there’s anything more powerful than trusting in yourself and in life. I have learned that when I lean in to being brave and let life love me, then magic happens,” asserts Stephanie.

“My clients are often those who are now ready to put themselves first and create a life they have longed to live. They long to serve a higher purpose. They are aware that investing in their own vision and identifying and living within their core feelings and beliefs would make the ride a lot easier and more joyful.”

Isn’t that want we all want? To feel good. I mean, really feel good. Stephanie insists, “It’s all inside you. I just help you bring it to the surface so you can create the life you were meant to lead.”

For more information about Stephanie Stanton and High Vibe Chick or to book an appointment, visit, email, or call (860) 453-0800.