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Home alone

By Published On: October 16th, 2019

Mom and Dad packed up this past weekend, with baby sister in-tow, and headed the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Leaving me home alone and left to my own devices, and by devices I mean laying with the remote pretending Animal Planet was on the television. That’s not to say I didn’t have a full weekend schedule and an extensive to-do list to check off. Lets recap:
Grooming myself ✓
Catnapping ✓
Sunbathing ✓
Bird watching✓
Indulging in my favfurrite combination of Fancy Feast and Friskies dryfood without restriction ✓
And maybe a little playing if time allows

Of course I wasn’t completely alone, Amma made sure to housekeep so that my amenities remained clean with plenty of sand and fresh water. And of course precisely 1/2 can of wet food each day.