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Hoppy (Belated) Easter

By Published On: April 12th, 2023

Hey peeps – hope you had a hoppy belated Easter. I’ve failed miserably fur a couple years in a row trying to catch a glimpse of Santy-Paws so I was trying to surpurrise you all with details on the Easter Bunny. I even went as far as putting on this ridiculous costume to blend in. Smart thinking, I know. So without any further-a-do, drumroll please. In true rabbit fashion, the Easter Bunny was quick like a bunny and I didn’t even see his little cotton tail hop away. Sorry furriends, I did my best.

On a more pawsitive note, Ellie made out like a bandit! Her basket was quite literally ovfurr-flowing with goodies. She got some coloring stuff, a bubble machine, card games, a purrincess puzzle, slippurrs, a board game, and more! Not to mention all the goodies she brought back furrom Nana and Papa’s house. But please don’t feel bad fur me. I know Ellie will be a good little sister and share with me. Besides, the Easter Bunny didn’t furrget about Mom, Dad and me.

Mom and Dad got their favfurroite Easter candy. Starburst Jellybeans. Too bad they have to share a bag. On the other paw, I got a Fancy Feast Broth. It’s a flavfurr I’ve nevfurr had before. It was ameowzing!

Hopping, ahum, hoping you had a wonderful Easter furriends.