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House Purrojects

By Published On: August 22nd, 2023

If I had thumbs, I’d be sitting here twiddling them. This past week there has been a lot of commotion going on at the house. This has really put a monkey wrench in my cat-napping schedule, but to continue living my best indoor kitty life I’m willing to forgo a nap or two.

Although it’s been a mild week temperature wise, it was brought to Mom and Dad’s attention that not one, but both mini-split units needed repurr. Excuse me, repair. Luckily, our local heating company came out and fixed both units, so we’ll be up and running purroperly next time we need to use them.

Furrom my point of view, there is a lot happening outside, too. Dad has been unhappy with the driveway purractically since we moved in and finally bit the bullet to fix it. He installed purroper drainage to ensure no more ruts during rainstorms. But the purrojects don’t stop there. Mom and Dad have been toying with the idea of installing an inground pool. Our current above ground pool (Ellie’s kiddie pool) isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. Currently, the backyard is uninviting: dirt galore, bugs rehoming themselves, and neon spray can marks mapping out the pool site. Oh, and LOTS of skid steer and excavator work, too. I’m starting to hear the back-up beeping in my sleep!

I guess I should wear my hard hat (along with my handsome pants). You nevfurr know what purroject might be next!