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I Can’t Believe My Ears!

By Published On: April 21st, 2021

Remember awhile back how Mom was talking about someone named Stella?

Yeah, well, I thought that was just a phase she was going through but recently I became aware of another feline in her life, apparently sporting the name Phoebe.

Who the fluff is Phoebe?! And why does Mom talk about how cute and little she is?!

I can’t believe my ears, but as the story goes, appurrarently one of Mom’s furriends rescued a newborn kitten and Mom has been kitten sitting throughout the week – bottle feeding, cuddling, and taking part in photo shoots. When she comes home at night, she can’t help but give updates on how big Phoebe is getting or when she opened her eyes and purred fur the furrst time. She insists Dad and Ellie view ump-teen photos all while Ellie encourages Mom’s excitement with her wide-eyed voice and expressions.

“IT’S A BABY KITTY!” Ellie, you’re not helping! Then Mom follows up with, “Fridrik, look at that whittle face! Doesn’t this make you want one?!”

I know Mom isn’t trying to intentionally hurt my feelings, but I want to be the one and only cat in her life and on her camera roll. Luckily Dad and I are on the same page. He doesn’t want another cat meowing in his ear at 3AM for breakfast, and I like being the only fur baby.

Us guys have to stick together.

Sorry, Phoebe!