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I Love My Entire Family

By Published On: February 15th, 2023

This past weekend Mom and Dad decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with a couples massage, a dinner date, and shopping. When they arrived home I was starving! They were late feeding me dinner. Once my belly was full I realized something was diffurrent in the house.

Spurr of the moment, Ellie had her very furrst sleepovfurr at Amma and Afi’s (that’s Icelandic for Grandma and Grandpa). Mom said she felt like she was missing a limb and Dad said the house was too quiet without Ellie. I didn’t know what to do with myself – it hasn’t been just me, Mom, and Dad in almost five years. We spent a good portion of the evening on the couch where I got more petting, brushing, snuggles, and kisses (frurom Mom) than I’ve gotten in a long time. Not going to lie; I miss being the center of attention and the only child.

Waking up Sunday morning was again, diffurrent. Mom spurrung out of bed bright and early (which if you know Mom, you know she is anything but a morning person). Dad also quickly got ready and was eager to pick up Ellie. Before they left, Mom came to check on me. She found me in Ellie’s room with a supurr sad look on my face. In, of course, her obnoxious cat-mom voice, Mom asked, “What’s the matter with my handsome pants?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mom and Dad furrom the bottom of my heart. But little did I know almost five years ago there was a hole in my heart I wasn’t even aware of. It was a spot fur Ellie. I love my kid sister – always have and always will.

Sorry fur the semi-sappy post. I just want my entire family to know I love and appurreciate them evfurryday…not just Valentine’s Day.